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Catch Up On Your Reading!

I still wish I had a still from Edward's "Crown and Country" series...there's a great one of him in a library surrounded by books...but I guess that doesn't mean much, as there are now no photos on this site whatsoever, so it's kind of pointless to wish for one, right?

This page isn't has a list of books about Edward, or Edward and Sophie, most of which I own already. Check them out...they're all well-worth the money spent!

The List:

Invitation to a Royal Wedding: Edward and Sophie, June 19, 1999 (Peter Donnelly)

Prince Edward (Ingrid Seward)

Edward Windsor: Royal Enigma (Wendy Leigh)

Edward and Sophie: A Royal Wedding (Judy Parkinson)

Sophie's Kiss: The True Love Story of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones (Garth Gibbs/Sean Smith)

(NOTE: The only one of the above books I do not own is the Ingrid Seward one)

Over on the main WS website, I have created the WS Library, a complete list of all the Royalty books in my collection. It's not as big as some collections, I'm sure, but it's extensive for me, and it's something I am very proud of. So, without further ado, here is a link to the other books page on WS. Below that is a link to the WS Royal Books Messageboard, where you can discuss books about Royalty. Check that out too, while you're at it.

The WS Library

The Royal Books Board

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