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This Man Is Not Gay!

Number one: this man is not gay.

Get that through your head right now, okay? He is not. Never has been, never will be, world without end, amen.

Want proof?

Okay, how's this? "I CAN ABSOLUTELY ASSURE YOU FROM MY EXPERIENCE THAT THAT MAN IS NOT GAY." ~Sophie Rhys-Jones, the woman who knows him better than just about anyone else in the universe.

Want more proof? I can give it to you. Keep reading for more quotes and reasoning that he is not gay. I've got all the bases covered on this one, trust me. It's all there. I can't say it any better than Soph, but I can try.

Eddy, this one's for you. Well, the whole site is for you, but you know what I mean.

Why won't the rumor just die? Why won't it go away? Why does everyone believe it as the truth?

I wish I knew.

And I wish for Edward's sake it would go away. I really do.

Here, I hope to get rid of it once and for all. You can snicker and giggle and laugh all you want to, but I believe I can do it. Keep reading. It'll be a good one. I promise.

"He's a real man. I was horrified to hear the rumors. There's no question of the Prince being homosexual. Nothing is further from the truth. He's heterosexual and very manly." ~Romy Adlington, ex-girlfriend and lover of Prince Edward.

"He is definitely not gay. I think women can tell." ~Anne Adlington, Romy's mother.

"I have been in his company at various gatherings and I would have to say he definitely has an eye for the girls." ~Royal biographer Brian Hoey.

"As a heterosexual man, Edward is very comfortable with gay people. That is only possible because he is so secure with his own personality and his own sexuality." ~Edward's good friend Peter Brown, who is gay.

"He gets on very well with women and is easy-going in their company. He is like his brother Charles in that respect. You know almost immediately when you speak to someone who is gay. You recognize it as a woman. I've never had that feeling with Prince Edward." ~Jayne Fincher, who has taken many official photographs of Edward and has been his guest at the ballet.

There you go. Five quotes (six if you count the one from Sophie) from people who know him better than most other people.

But I'm not finished yet. I have a few points of my own to make before I drop the subject.

Apparently, there are a lot of gay people involved in the theater. That's pretty much fact from what I've read.

But that doesn't mean everyone involved in the theater is gay. You can be straight and still be involved with and love the theater. It's been proven before.

Awhile back, someone came up with four arguments on my message board, telling me that these reasons were proof of Edward's homosexuality:

I'm sorry, but no. Those reasons aren't good enough. They don't equal proof of any kind. Want to know why? Okay, I'll tell you what I told this guy. And I'll elaborate on them as well, just because I thought of more things to say about them.

(a) Can you blame him for not being married? He had to sit by and watch the first marriages of each of his three older siblings fail. He watched Charles, Anne and Andrew screw up. That put him under immense pressure to get marriage right from the word go. He has to get it right, he has to show the world that they're not all hopeless in the marriage department. No wonder he's took his time! Aside from that, both he and Sophie have said they wanted financial security before taking the plunge. No one said they were never going to get married. They did. They just needed time.

(b) Just because one has some friends who are gay does not mean one is also gay. I'm sorry, it just doesn't work that way. So Edward has a wide, diverse range of friends. It's a hell of a lot easier to mix socially with a wide variety of people than with one specific group. We all know someone who is gay, someone who is a different race than we are, someone who is a different religion than we are, etc. It makes for interesting conversation and it makes you more tolerant of different things.

(c) Make-up? Huh? The man runs a TV production company, remember? Ardent. The "Edward on Edward" script is on the other page. Keep in mind that, aside from producing the shows, Edward also presents them. Which means he's in front of the cameras. Hence the make-up. All actors, newscasters...anyone in front of the cameras...anyone who is on TV...has to wear make-up to make themselves look better to the viewers. Makes them more presentable. No matter what TV shows you watch, each and every person in the show has make-up on. Same with the theater. Every actor in every play ever performed has to wear make-up. His cousin Frederick wears make-up, as a model, and you don't hear anyone saying he's gay, do you? Nope!

(d) Edward was not kicked out of the Marines, no matter what The Mirror might say to the contrary. It's purely fabrication, like the gay story itself. He quit the Marines, left on his own. In fact, some of the commanding officers spent hours trying to convince him to stay! Going into the Marines wasn't entirely his own idea anyway--he only went to please his father. He tried it; he didn't like it, he couldn't handle it; so he left. Big deal. We've all tried something and after trying it for awhile decided it wasn't for us and quit.

Come on, people. Get real, would you?

I've said it. Sophie's said it. We've all said it. Even Edward himself has been quoted saying it.

He is not gay.

Okay? Is it finally sinking in? I hope so. If it isn't, scroll back up and read this page again. And again and again if you have to. Hell, read it five zillion times if it takes that long for it to sink in. Or else, go buy "Sophie's Kiss: The True Love Story of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones" by Garth Gibbs and Sean Smith. That's where those quotes came from, by the way.

The truth is here, ladies and gentlemen. Right here.

So get used to it.

'Cause it's not going anywhere, believe me.

And neither, it would seem, is the rumor. A person who will remain nameless (but who, when he reads this, will know who he is, and I apologize in advance for using his message as a topic for the rest of this essay...I have no intention of starting anything either, but I have to reply) recently wrote a message in the WS guestbook saying that while Edward "may not be gay by some definitions, however he has been known to "enjoy" the company of men." This person also said "This is not information that is particularly secret, just quietly maintained." and that "I do know how to research though, and some of what you have said in this instance is not accurate."

About the first part...I am a 23 year old woman who is engaged to be married. I have many friends, and I enjoy their company immensely (sp?). The vast majority of them are women. Does this insinuate that I am gay or bisexual by some definitions? Huh? I don't think so! Nor does the idea that Edward has a lot of friends who are male, who he likes spending time with, insinuate that he is. Sorry.

Quietly maintained that he's what? Gay? Bisexual? What? If so, why has every book I've ever read about him (and by this point, I've read quite a few, thank you very much...) admantly (sp? sorry don't have a dictionary handy) insist that he is NOT gay? If it was something that was known by the immediate circle or something, it would be in the books. I'm not joking about that...something else that is quietly maintained is that Princess Alexandra had an affair with Prince Philip. It's been mentioned. It really is quietly maintained. This issue with Edward is not.

I respect the fact that you know how to do research. I do too, just in case you were wondering. I admit to only using one book to quote while writing these essays, but I have read more than my share of books on the Royal family (you should see my collection! Huge and growing by the week almost!) and I have now read quite a few books on Edward himself and not one of them ever insinuates that he is gay. Therefore he is not. You want accuracy? Give me at least five books that all say something like what you've mentioned. Tell me where to get them so I can read them myself and draw my own conclusions. That's all I ask.

He is not gay, quietly maintained or not. I'm sorry. His is not a marriage of convenience. Sorry again. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the Philip/Alexandra thing, and I'm sorry for that too. But I had a point to make. I have seen and read so much proof that he's NOT gay that I tend to get very touchy when someone tries to tell me he is. Unless you know him personally and therefore know him better than I do...

No argument intended. Just reaction to what was said. As always.

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